Structure 4

 ______ "orca" means whale, the orca is actually a member of the dolphin family, the delphinids.
 In addition to the more traditional simple oven many ______ either by circulating heated air around the food or by heating the moisture contained in the food with microwaves, and a few do both.
Deciduous trees are those who have leaves that fall off once a yeartypically before the advent of winter.
Although ______ a successful film, none of her other works have to date been adapted to the film format.
The gross domestic product of a country is a figure expressedin monetary terms that represents the entire economy value of the goods and services produced in that country.
The advent of the personal computer and easy access to information via the Internet has allowed many more entrepreneurs ______ than ever before.
Only with the advent of refrigerator were most Americans able to begin to consume fresh meat.
Critical to understand the phenomenon of human intelligence is the notion that not all human thought patterns are either predictable or rational.
 Because of the enormous pull gravitational of the Moon, the shape of the Earth actually changes as the largest oceans are "pulled" toward the Moon.
One of the first state of the United States, Rhode Island is the smallest of all the states and is located north of the largest city in the United States, New York City.