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TOEFL Structure Gratis 4

While verbalization is the most common form(A) of language in existence(B), humans make use of many  system(C) and techniques to express(D) their thoughts and feelings.
In cases of(A) minor injury to(B) the brain. Amnesia is likely(C) to be a temporarily(D) condition.
The system(A) of chemical symbols, first devised about 1800 gives a concise and instantly(B) recognizable  description of a(C) element or(D) compound.
A variation(A) of collodion photography was the tintype, which(B) captured images on a black or(C) dark brown metal plate instead(D) from on glass.
Kangaroos use their(A) long and powerful(B) tails for balance(C) themselves when sitting(D) upright or jumping.

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