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1. _________ range in color from yellow to bright orange.
2. ________ of precious gems is determined by their hardness, color, and brilliance.
3. __________ a tornado spins in a counterclockwise direction in the northern hemisphere, it spins in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere.
4. The Caldecott Medal, _______ for the best children’s picture book, is awarded each January.
5. The horn of the rhinoceros consists of a cone of tight bundles of keratin ________ from the epidermis.
6. Most species of heliotropes are weeds, ________ of them are cultivated.
7. Thunder occurs as _______ through air causing the heated air to expand and collide with layers of cooler air.
8. Researchers have long debated _______ Saturn’s moon Titan contains hydrocarbon oceans and lakes.
9. Nimbostratus clouds are thick, dark grey clouds ______ forebode rain.
10. _______ in several early civilizations, a cubit was based on the length of the forearm from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow.
11. Only when air and water seep through its outer coat ________
12. ______ seasonal rainfall, especially in regions near the tropics, is winds that blow in an opposite direction in winter than in summer.
13. The extinct Martian volcano Olympus Mons is approximately three times as_______ Mount Everest.
14. The flight instructor, ________ at the air base, said that orders not to fight had been given.
15. In the northern and central parts of the state of Idaho ________and churning rivers.
16. Light(A) can travels(B) from the Sun to the Earth in(C) the eight minute and twenty seconds(D).
17. Every human typically(A) have(B) twenty-three pairs of chromosomes in most(C) cells(D).
18. Most(A) sedimentary rocks start forming(B) when grains of clay, silt, or sandy(C) settle in river valleys or on(D) the bottoms of lakes and oceans.
19. The total thickness of the ventricular walls(A) of the heart are(B) about(C) three times that(D) of the atria.
20. The type of jazz known(A) as “swing” was introduced(B) by Duke Ellington when he(C) wrote and records(D) “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing.”
21. The bones of mammals, not alike(A) those(B) of other(C) vertebrates, show a high degree of differentiation(D).
22. The(A) neoncortex has evolved(B) more recently then(C) other(D) layers of the brain.
23. The United States receives a large amount of revenue from taxation of a tobacco products.
24. Much(A) fats are composed of one molecule of glycerin combined with(B) three molecules of fatty(C) acids(D).
25. A pearl develops when(A) a tiny grain of sand or stone or some another(B) irritant(C) accidentally enters into(D) the shell of a pearl oyster.
26. The English horn is an alto(A) oboe with a pitch(B) one-fifth lower than(C) the(D) soprano oboe.
27. In the Milky Way galaxy, the most(A) recent(B) observed supernova appeared(C) in(D) 1604.
28. Never in the history of humanity(A) has(B) there been more people living(C) on this relatively(D) small planet.
29. Because of the mobility(A) of Americans today, it is difficult(B) for they(C) to put down real roots(D).
30. For(A) five years after the Civil War, Robert E. Lee served to(B) president of Washington College, which(C) was later(D) called Washington and Lee.
31. The number(A) of wild horses on Assateague is(B) increasing lately, resulting(C) in overgrazed marsh and dune grasses(D).
32. Hypnoses(A) was successfully(B) used during(C) World War II to treat battle fatigue(D).
33. The lobster, like(A) many(B) crustaceans, can cast off a damaging(C) appendage and regenerate a new appendage to nearly normal(D) size.
34. Humans develop normally(A) twenty primary(B), or(C) deciduous, teeth and thirty-two permanent(D) ones.
35. The(A) curricula of American public schools are(B) set in individual states; they do not determine(C) by the federal(D) government.
36. The fact that the sophisticated technology has become(A) part of revolution(B) in travel delivery(C) systems has not made travel schedules less(D) hectic.
37. Balanchine’s plotless(A) ballets, such(B) Jewels and The Four Temperaments, present(C) dance purely(D) as a celebration of the movement of the human body.
38. In a solar battery(A), a photosensitive semiconducting(B) substance such as(C) silicon crystal is the source of electrician(D).
39. In early days(A), hydrochloric acid was done(B) by heating(C) a mixture of sodium chloride with(D) iron sulfate.
40. The capital(A) of the Confederacy was originally(B) in Mobile, but they were(C) moved(D) to Richmond.

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